Vikram – Was: a witness City: Busstop/Chennai


Was: a witness

City: Busstop/Chennai

Was wearing Chudithar/Salwar Kameez with dupatta

Reaction :  Helpless/ Passively endured

Incident was : One time
Perpetrator was a Stranger , his age less than 20


I was around 20 then. I was riding on my bike with a friend at around 4:30 in the evening.  We heard a loud laughter when we were just crossing by a bus stop.So I slowed down my bike curious to know what was happening. The bus stop was located on the opposite side of the narrow road in a non-busy area that we were travelling on. But we could still make out what was happening there. A girl presumably back from college, was alone in the bus stop. Two guys presumably in their teenage were on a bike standing very close to the girl and passing lurid comments. We could see that the girl was not reacting at all (probably coz she has been through a hundred situations like this). But we could still notice the disgust on her face.
The first thing my friend said was ” Check out ..Have you ever seen eve teasing live”?..And I reacted jokingly saying ” Lets take a U-turn and bash the guys like how they show in masala action movies”..He laughed and said”Those guys are definitely younger than us , but they look more menacing like proper hooligans im pretty sure they would bash us”..I laughed and said “Dude..I was just joking”..and continued home.
Yes this was how pathetically we reacted to the whole situation.
Till today this has been haunting me and feel we should have done something.
I feel very sorry for the girl and our complete nonchalant response to the whole situation..


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