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Please share your experience with us and the world! You will be helping others who went through something similar; and you will show the world what it really feels like! We will knock some sense into people, one person at a time.



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3. You are

4. At the time of the incident, you were

5. If you were a victim, this incident was

6. Who was the perpetrator/s?

7. How old do you think the perpetrator was ?

8. What dress were you wearing when this happened(Or if you were a witness, what dress was the victim wearing?

9. How did you react?

10. Which place and city did this take place in ? Please be specific, Ex: Busstop/Bangalore or House/Mumbai

11. Tell us what happened.

12. Upload an image related to the incident. It could be a picture of:
- the dress you were wearing when it happened,
- the place it happened or
- any picture of you (facing the camera, or turned away)

(Picture is optional)

13.What do you feel about this project.


14. Please fill in the text as shown

14. Are you ready to share this with the world and encourage others? 🙂
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