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Was: a victimbilla141207_4

City: Cinema Theatre/Chennai
Was wearing Jeans and Shirt
Reaction: Helpless, Passively Endured

Incident was : One time

Perpetrator was a Stranger and aged Less than 20

Before I started writing this article I spent 15 minutes living through my teenage wondering which one of the many many incidents should I write about…pathetic? Yes indeed!

This particular incident happened when I was about eleven or twelve. Myself along with my parents were entering a crowded theatre to watch a newly released movie. The doors were small , theatre entrance was packed and people rushed in as the doors opened with no sense of civil behavior.  I was pushed away from my parents and one particularly ferocious barbarian took the opportunity to touch my private parts in that few seconds interval before I could pass that door.
Whats worse.? I had no idea who it was.
People in india have no idea what “forming a queue” even means…It has not changed since the I stepped out of my home 20 years back…Yes you can always argue that India is a country with very high population and every damn place will be crowded…I would argue back that its not the place, its the people’s mindset..Why? Because I see Indians in  the US behave the same way.

If you are a theatre owner reading this: Please employ two or three more employees whose only job would be to control the crowd and make sure people enter the theatre in line.
If you are a parent with young children….Please choose to stay back and enter the theatre at the end….You won’t regret missing those first few scenes..Trust me! (Nope..Im not blaming my parents for that incident..Little did they know at that time that sexual harassment starts early!)

We CAN make a difference people!!! Trust in yourself! Even a journey of million miles starts with a single step!

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