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I think  at some point or the other everyone has faced gender inequality once in their life. I feel blessed as I have not come across any yet.

But Ii have seen it happening around. I have seen many being a victim of this. I have a friend of mine who is very afraid of her parents and she is afraid to that extent that she can not even tell them that she has lost her text book. She also has a younger brother who irritates and disturbs her a lot. The matter sometimes goes to that extent that she starts crying when her brother fights with her.

One day I asked her to tell about this to her parents but her reply left me shocked. She said if she tells then her parents will scold her instead of her brother simply because she is a girl. I did not know how to help her out then.

I realised one thing that day that it is so important for the society to stop differentiating between genders. Parents should lead by example rather than shunning voices of their daughters. Because the same society demands of daughters to be the beloved wives and mothers and does not think even once before they differentiate.


 *Name has been changed on request.

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