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4167512864Was: a witness
City: Madurai

Victim was wearing Long Skirt and top

Incident was : One time

Reaction : Moved away silently
Perpetrator was a stranger, in the age group of 20-30

My sister and I returned home in the night at around 8. My mom asked her to buy some things from the nearby shop. Our house is located at the outskirts of the city. So the area was not well developed: No proper street lights were there. My sister returned crying and shocked. We asked her what happened, she kept on crying. Then she told us that a guy followed her on a bike and reached out for her neck and she didn’t know how to react, so she sped up the bike and came home. Immediately, my dad left home to check who that was, but that idiot wasn’t there. It took days for us to make her come out of her shock. One cannot wait for the police to be on the prowl at every street corner all the time awaiting acts of eve teasing, the sad fact is that not many eve teasers are brought to book.The police see through the seemingly innocent pleas of an eve teaser and take stern action against these shameless offenders, but that is only when the matter comes to their notice or eve teasers are brought to them by public action.The sense of shame will ensure that they never turn to such a thing again and further this will serve

as a severe warning for others who even think of indulging in it.

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