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“I didn’t think women could rape until it happened to me.”
On the way back from my friends party. It was 1 in night. My friends were getting late. So we decided that I will get down at Dwarka Bus stand and these guys would rush back to respective places.
To our surprise bus stand had a few guys standing thereby. So they dropped me there and drove ahead. As I approached the bus stand, I was welcomed with uncomfortable and eerie stares. The group of guys approached me and started questioning and beating . ” Tu kaun hai? Ye humara ilaka hai” .(Who are you? This is our area.)
I was flabbergasted. I could not understand anything till a car came.  The black Mercedes with lady in her forties came to my rescue. She saved me from them and took me to a posh hotel.
I could smell something fishy. I got straight to her. “Main wo nai hun jo aap soch rahi hain.”  (I am not like what you are thinking.)
She was probably high. She forced me. I declined vehemently. She forced……
 I was shattered. But I could not express for I am a “man” in this male chauvinist society. And the male thing I was forced to do should be something to be proud of for “Men can never get raped”
*Name has been changed on request.
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