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Gender woman

Was: a victim
City: Chennai
Perpetrator was a Friend or acquaintance

Perpetrator Age: More than 50

Incident was : One time

Reaction : Helpless/ Passively endured

Was wearing capri and shirt


I was in my 8th grade when I was sent to my neighbor’s house to share some goodies that my mom had prepared. My neighbors were an elderly couple (~60 and 55 yrs) and my parents never had hesitation in letting me visiting their house for they were the friendliest neighbor we’d ever had. It was an evening when my neighbor was playing his piano and I stepped into their house in my capri and shirt, which had a pocket in it. The wife was busy preparing their dinner when I went into the living room.  I had the least idea of what I was going to encounter when the 60 year old ‘respected gentleman’ when he signaled me to leave it on a bar stool  near his music instrument. As I took a couple of steps I was shocked to see his reach out to my shirt pocket effortlessly with a vicious smile questioning “what I was hiding in there”. Mind you, this man had a beautiful wife, had a son, gorgeous daughter-in-law and a 2 year old grand-daughter. As disgusting as it sounds today, I felt helpless then. I believed I was the reason this happened to me and felt very uncomfortable communicating this to anyone despite sharing a very close rapport with my parents and sister. Thinking back I realize I should have spoken up. This is just one of the many incidents I encountered when my sexuality was abused by the near and dear ones. I only wish I had the this medium and courage to speak up when I was 13 when this first happened, for that would have saved me many more abuses that I faced through my teenage.