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Gender – Male

City – Chandigarh

Saw the incident happening and acted as a bystander.

Experience :

This incident occurred while i was cycling near the IT Park area. I saw a group of guys in a white maruti chasing after a girl on an Activa and passing lewd comments. The girl came to a halt at a traffic light and so did the car.
I reached the light and as much as i wanted to help the girl, there was no way i could confront the guys in the car. They would have beaten me up. However it struck my mind that there is another way i can intervene in this situation.
I went up to the drivers side and there were 4 guys in the car. I started asking the driver, directions to a random address in the nearby area. I engaged him in the conversation long enough till the time the light went green for a long time ad the girl had disappeared in the distance. I finally thanked the driver and let him go, not before noting down his vehicle number. A few blocks down the road, i came across a Police Van and gave them the number.

I realized i could have just walked away from the situation and done nothing about it. The whole idea is that if we make such guys aware that they are being watched, and 70-80% of the time, they don’t have the guts to continue going on with the eve teasing. Its not always about confronting, there are smarter ways in which the situation can be dealt with.

I would urge everyone reading this to act when they can and not be bystanders to a situation.