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Was: a victim
City: Beauty Parlor / Gurgaon
Was wearing jeans and shirt
Reaction: Reacted (yelling, complaining, slapping, fighting back)
Incident was: One time

Perpetrator was a Stranger and aged 20-30

well, This happened today at around 6 in the evening in a beauty parlor where there were at-least 7 to 8 parlor assistants and at-least a bunch of visitors.

Oh and how did this guy manage to grope me and touch my private parts , well in the name of giving me a hair spa and massage ! Highly tactical ! The first time his hands approached areas which it shouldn’t( parts surrounding my breasts, too close for comfort), I thought he had committed a mistake; it took me only a few more seconds to realize that it was intentional when his hands moved in the exact same way as it had earlier.
I stared back at him , he withdrew.

I waited patiently for an hour more to get my other parlor stuff done by other assistants. I didn’t want to create a scene by shouting at him in front of others. I was afraid that he may chase me back and rip me apart ! This is Gurgaon for god’s sake & I  have heard enough.

I then went to the owner who happened to be a sweet lady and complained to her stating that this guy might end up spoiling her reputation. She was disgusted & promised to dismiss him , I am planning to visit her again in a few days to check on the steps she had taken.

I am not angered, but the incident made me very sad. I had not had to face anything of this sort in the last 1 decade at-least and have had exactly 3 more incidents related to this in my life so far.

I fail to understand why would any guy want to do this. Not being afraid of anything or the consequences. I am unable to decipher !
It still remains a mystery to me , I knew from his guilty eyes that he knew what he was doing was wrong , close to committing a sin, but he still continued. It was definitely not lack of awareness, it was something else, of which I have no clue.

* – Name changed on requestimages


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