Sowmya – Gender woman Was: a victim City: Palakkad, Kerala


Gender woman

Was: a victim
City: Palakkad, Kerala
Was wearing Chudithar/Salwar Kameez with dupatta
Reaction: Moved away silently

Incident was : One time

Perpetrator was a Stranger and aged 20-30


When I go home to Kerala on vacation, my entire appearance and style of dressing undergoes a complete

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overhaul. This is not at the instance of anyone in my family or otherwise, but merely a precautionary measure I’ve adopted myself, to avoid the stares, whistles and the leering smiles. Most men in the Malayalee hinterland, it would appear, are not used to women dressing comfortably and so, for their benefit, I discard my preferred form of clothing-a pair of jeans, a tee, a skirt or a dress for the more conservative, “approved” salwar kameez with the dupatta draped most properly around my modesty.
In this particular instance, a few years ago, I had been sent by mother to pick up milk from the neighborhood provision store. It was around 6 in the evening, and a short walk to the shop and back. On my way towards the shop, I noticed a man relieving himself on the road by the gate of an abandoned plot. This was a commonly used road, and right opposite the plot stands a convent school. I caught his eye, entirely by mistake, and he smiled at me. I avoided his gaze, of course, and walked away shaking my head at the complete lack of civic sense among people. On my way back, he was still there. This time, however, he was relieving himself by other means. He had his penis out, and he was tugging at it while was staring at me, his tongue lolling out like a hungry animal. I don’t know if he meant for me

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to see him, but I did, although I pretended not to have. It must have taken me a few seconds to pass by him, and minutes later I was safely ensconced in my home, but for years afterwards, every single time that I have walked on that road, I have remembered that pathetic man and wondered how he felt that it was perfectly within his right to jerk himself off on a public road while watching me. I am braver today, of course, and I can only hope he didn’t stoop low enough to try this on the children who go to school in the convent and often hang around near the


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