Sona* – Gender woman Was: a victim City: Chennai


Gender woman1

Was: a victim
City: Chennai
Was wearing Chudithar/Salwar Kameez with dupatta
Reaction: Reacted (yelling, complaining, slapping, fighting back)

Incident was : multiple times

Perpetrator was a Stranger and aged 20-30

It happened when I was in 3rd grade. Like all other child I was fond of playing in the sand. There was a small heap of sand .It was around 7 p.m when my brother and I were practising long jump. We were doing all sort of funny stunts. A stranger (30-40 yrs) kept on watching us. He was praising us. Later he talked with my brother for hardly 2 minutes. So I thought, he was 1 among the known people in my street. Then he approached me and he asked for some basic details about me and kissed my cheeks . I wasnt feeling weird coz whenever I meet my relatives they used to kiss my cheeks. It was my last jump and the guy said, ” I like you so much and you are so funny active kid. Can I kiss you 1 more time.” I smiled and showed my cheeks. But this guy held my face so tightly and gave a lip kiss. I tried to withdraw but he was so strong that I couldn’t move further. The moment he left me I immediately ran to my house and started cleaning my mouth with lots of toothpaste. My parents found this action of mine very weird and they asked for the reason . My dad went in search of the guy but he couldn’t find him. Later he scolded my brother for letting me alone and started keeping an eye on me wherever i go. I wasn’t allowed to go out after 6 p.m after this incident. It took me a long time to overcome from this incident and whenever I see any english movies, it still affects me terribly . It took 6 months for my parents to forget their restrictions imposed on me.
My horrible experience never ended here. I went to Bangalore for my vacation. When I was in 7th std,my aunt took me to Water World. There was a long queue in front of the ticket counter. Somewhat I wasn’t comfortable to enter as I found the guys were bit rogue. When I told this to my aunt she

advised me to remove such a biased thought. The moment i saw the swimming pool I forgot everything and started enjoying a lot. I never noticed a guy (25-30yrs)was following me. I rode all rides with my cousins being my body guards. But one particular ride my cousins were scared to go. This ride was a kind of closed tunnel and it goes in a zigzag manner. My cousins refused to go because they feared they might get struck. My over excitement forced me to experience this ride. As per the instruction of the guy in charge for the ride one shouldn’t enter the ride unless the other comes out. But this guy turned a deaf ear to the instruction given by the guard and he came behind me immediately. I got struck in between and this guy hold me so tightly and started pressing everywhere. At first I thought he did it unknowingly in fear (even now I regret for being so stupid). But later only realised this was a planned one when he yelled,”We have done so much Why don’t you sleep with me.” I was dumbstruck and didnt know how to react . If i share with someone my freedom will be curtailed like before.
In one way or the other i was facing such problems. I thought it will end here. But it didnt. When i was in 9th std i went to a coaching centre for X (not willing to mention the name). My professor allotted a senior guy (25-30yrs) as my guide. I am supposed to report him all my activities. One day my parents went out and I was feeling lazy to go to class. So I called the senior guy and informed him that I needed one day rest. I told him the truth when he asked me for the reason. The very next question,”Are you alone? Can I come to your house?” I was a bit shocked and asked him the reason. He replied,” My penis is becoming large why dont you allot some half hour?”. I was speechless and disconnected the call. Then I started searching for another coaching centre. My dad was suspicious and somehow gathered information about this centre. He asked me to withdrew from this field X and he asked me to focus on academics.
This was the turning point in my life. I was in agony and no peace of mind. I used to feel ashamed of myself for being a passive recipient of these abuses. Then I realised its time to take a decision to keep myself protected from these bastards. My anger kept on growing day by day.By this time I was able to distinguish people to some extent. It was then I found a guy (30-40 yrs) in a bus depot.He showed some disgusting gestures and slowly he started approaching me. The moment he uttered few words, I slapped him and I got into a bus. First, I couldn’t believe I slapped some stranger so small surprise. Secondary I felt like I was relieved from some burden. There was so much satisfaction and happiness which I haven’t experienced for many years. So many years of frustration was relieved in a day with single slap. But still I wasn’t courageous. This happened when I was in 11th std.
The next incident which took place when I was in 12th std made me a courageous person and I never had the fear of facing any guys after that. I was returning from a temple to my house. I was able to sense a particular man (40-45yrs) was following me from the temple. I turned back to confirm it and he made some kissing gestures. My anger reached its peak. As I was aware of the shortcuts to my house and friend’s houses in my area, I slowed down my walking pace when I was few meters away from my friend’s apartment. I was waiting for the guy to come bit closer. When he was just few meters away I threw the coconut, (which I was carrying for the temple) on his face and kicked at his private part. Before he could recover from the pain I ran into my friend’s apartment. I was very proud of myself for sometime. There after I started carrying a knife for additional safety for next few weeks.

*-Name changed to protect privacy of author


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