Reena*, Gender – Female, Was a victim


My cousin brother harassed me and I don’t know how to tell about it to my parents as he was my cousin who did this to me. I feel very bad and shattered.

I want to cry as my own cousin did this to me again and again. I am helpless I can’t talk to my parents about this as it will break our family. My escape from this is just that I keep a distance from him and take every possible measure to stay away from him or run away if I see him around. I feel helpless and somewhere I have accepted the fact that it is going to be like this always.

There is no way I see it ending. I wish I gather the courage to speak about it to somebody to stop it.


*Name has been changed on request.
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  • Please say something. Don’t be afraid. Don’t let him win this. You deserve better. Tell your parents. If you have a phone, record him so you something to prove you are a victim. But please, please!!! Don’t do this to your self. You not doing anything bad. He’s the wrong one. Even if this breaks your family, but don’t let him hurt you. I wish I can help you.

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