*Reema, Gender – Female, Is a Survivor


I write this as I no longer feel shameful about what happened to me. In fact I am sure this would have happened to a whole lot of us.

I was travelling to my hometown. On the way the bus crashed and we had to board another bus. Luckily very soon a bus came and stopped for us. It was already full and all of us got into the bus. I could find no seat to sit there. After half n hour of trouble, I was still standing near the door. I felt somebody touch me, back down there. My first thought was it might be some mistake because there was a lot of rush as the bus was packed. But soon I figured what exactly was happening to me…. about after a min again…. some uncle around 35, he was trying to rub his penis on my back. It was awkward and disgusting. It was the first time something like this happened to me and I was not able to say anything to him. I could not share it with anyone as I felt hurt and shameful. Even now I do not share it with anyone. And I learnt a lot from that incident. Now I do not keep quiet but answer these bimbos well, whenever anybody even tries to do anything…

We have to open up…..This is not how we deserve to be treated and we are not objects of gratification for someone. All the shame and embarrassment I felt went away over time and I am a much stronger person now!


*Name has been changed on request.

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