Priyanka M – Was: a victim City: In KSRTC bus..on the way


Was: a victim

City: In KSRTC bus..on the way from Bangalore to Calicut

Reaction : Reacted (yelling, slapping, complaining, fighting back)

Was wearing Chudithar/Salwar Kameez with dupatta

Incident was : One time
Perpetrator was a stranger, in the age group of 20-30

I travel frequently from Bangalore to Calicut via Kerala RTC bus. This incident took place a year back or so. As always I had booked the Ladies Only seat for his journey as well. An elderly lady and I were the only occupants of the Ladies seats. As the bus was in the middle of the journey I felt as If I had stepped onto someone’s leg who was sitting behind me. At first I thought it might be my mistake that I stamped him. Then after few minutes it happened again when I relaized that KSRTC bus seatings are not that small enough that a back seat passenger has to extend his/her legs. It had ample space. Then it happened again. This time I was sure this was not an accident and this guy was doing this on purpose. I stood up and shouted at the him who happened to be a man in his 40 or 50’s. I told the bus conductor and the elderly lady about this incident. They scolded him very badly and then he stopped behaving indecently.

The bus employees were very supportive and kept the guy away from me. They also ensured that when I got down at the destination I was picked up by my husband.

Unless you react things will never work out.. As long as we stay silent the opponent will always feel that we are weak….


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