Priya – Gender woman Was: a witness City: Train/Kerala


Gender woman

Was: a witness
City: Train/Kerala

Was wearing Short skirt and top

Reaction: Reacted (yelling,complaining,slapping, fighting back)

Incident was : One time

Perpetrator was a Stranger and aged 30-40


Every lady will have a tale of sexual harassment she faced or witnessed when they look into their past. I too have many a stories to share. The most bizarre fact is that you are foretold that it is going to happen with you one day or the other. I was told by my mother and aunts that I am going to face it in different forms; once I start traveling alone; when I am alone at home; when a family member hugs in such a way that I feel uncomfortable etc. When I joined college the first advice from my aunt was to carry a ‘safety pin’ at the end of my Dupatta. And I did it till a point I realized it’s not safety pins that protected me from those maniacs, but my courage and my luck.

I’m sharing an incident to which I happened to be a witness. I was pursuing my masters in Delhi and was traveling from Kerala. Three days in a train with strangers, and I made sure

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that I got an upper berth. I was the lone woman in that coupe, and there was a man, consuming alcohol, and that made me a bit uncomfortable. He was so drunk that he tore the window curtains while getting up from his seat. I thought about shifting to the next coupe where I found three women, one of whom around my age. But I stayed back comforting myself.

I wasn’t comfortable sleeping in that space those two nights. I woke up on the second night hearing some noise in the coach. After a while, i figured out that a man tried to grope the girl in the next coupe where I thought of shifting. I had seen him talking very friendly to the family during the day. Hardly anyone ever expected him to act that way. She screamed and he was caught. Some men took took him outside the coach and had a conversation. I don’t know what went on there, but I saw him leaving the coach with his luggage. No one filed any complaint.

I looked for the drunkard in my coupe; he was sleeping without ever knowing what was going around. I felt sad for the victim and at the same time the selfish in me comforted that it didn’t happen to me. I felt relieved that i did not shift to that coupe.

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