*Priya, Gender – Female, Was a Victim


Breaking my silence was not that easy for me.

Our basketball coach was an Army officer, we were having a normal conversation as we were walking, in a secluded place he tried coming close to me. He held me and tried to kiss me. I came out of his hold and walked to the other direction. I felt awkward and disgusted as how could my teacher do this to me whom I used to hold in high regard.

I hadn’t shared it with anyone then, later in the evening I told one of my friend who asked me to speak to our counselor. The counselor asked me to take this matter to the principal. Meanwhile I decided to share it with my friends one of them said a similar thing had happened with her the previous year but she couldn’t say it to anyone.

I then shared it with the principal who further just asked the coach to leave giving a vague reason that he cannot teach properly. I felt little bad then too as why my principal could not confront him by telling what he did was wrong.

It was great that he left but what came ahead was that I could not share it with my parents. It took me 4 years to share it with them finally and I’m very glad they supported me.


*Name has been changed on request.

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