*Nitya, Gender – Female, Was a Victim


I was at my masi’s (maternal aunt) house. It was night and I was lying on my bed alone in the room and surfing on net.

My masi’s brother-in-law came inside the room. He was wearing boxers only. He asked me if I was talking to my boyfriend. I told him that I was just surfing on net…but I didn’t know what was going into his mind.

The next moment he laid down aside me and hugged me. He touched my breast and started speaking such things that I was shocked and horrified. I was not able to stop him either.

I told about this incident to my masi and mother. But the thing that hurts me a lot is that my mother and masi did not do anything against him. Even if any of them meets him now acts like they know nothing and greet him with a smile. I feel helpless then.

My mother could not help me with it but I wish that changes soon for others. It will start from a mindset shift and that has to start from US rather than waiting for somebody else to change.



*Name has been changed on request.

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