Nisha – Gender woman Was: a victim City: Train/Chennai


Gender woman

Was: a victim
City: Train/Chennai
Was wearing Jeans and Kurta
Reaction: Helpless, Passively Enduredimage7

Incident was : One time

Perpetrator was a Stranger and older than 50

A victim of exhibitionism!

When I sat down to write to my story, the first question that came to mind is   “which incident should I write about “. Though it seems silly, the truth is I have been a victim (in appropriate touching / verbal / visual) more than once…

This incident happened during my under grad days in a crowded electric day train. I was traveling to Bangalore from Chennai along with my best friend. After sometime, I noticed that a man was standing next to my seat. I have no clue when / which station he boarded. He was around 50 years old. Dressed well and had a briefcase in his hand.  He politely asked us, at which train station we are going to get down so that he sit in my seat. At that point since he looked genuine we did reply to him. After this conversation, he adjusted his position and location such that he is clearly visible to us!!

After 30 minutes or so, I noticed that my friend was behaving weird and felt very uncomfortable. She abruptly stopped talking to me and turned the other direction. I asked her what was going on.(??)

All she said was “Nish! Antha poruki ena panara paren…” (Look at him)

I looked at the guy and was shocked to see what he was doing. He was showing his genitals from a distance and trying to do “IT”. At this point if you are wondering how he managed to do it in public..?? , this is what he did – He comfortably held his briefcase in such a way so that except us no one can see his golden act. He realized that we noticed what he was doing and became more “happy”.  When all this was happening, he retained calmness in his face and no one will even suspect that something was going on.  Now and then he casually looked around to make sure no one else noticed him.

Both of us didn’t know what to. We felt embarrassed to complain about it to our fellow passengers. After 10 min we couldn’t take it anymore.
This is what we did: I asked a co-passenger (male) if he can switch place with us. Since the guy was at distance he couldn’t hear our conversation. He though I was complaining about him and left the place immediately and never came back.
While were getting down at the Bangalore station, we spotted him in another compartment standing next a little gal (~15 years old probably). We both knew ‘why the hell’ he was standing there.

Both of us just looked at each other sadly…


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