Neethu – Gender woman Was: a victim City


Gender woman

Was: a victim
City: Bus

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from Kerala to Bangalore
Was wearing Jeans and Kurta
Reaction: Reacted (yelling, complaining, slapping, fighting back)

Incident was : One time

Perpetrator was a Stranger and imagesaged 20-30

I have faced numerous incidents where different types of perverts tried to touch me inappropriately, mostly while travelling in a bus/train. I will post as much stories as possible, since I hope that it may inspire atleast one person who usually suffer in silence decide to open their mouth and react.

I was travelling from my hometown to Bangalore in a Volvo bus on a Sunday evening when this incident happened. Me and another girl were sitting on adjacent seats. Behind us were 2 guys, college students probably. Initially we did not even notice who were sitting behind us.

When it was late night, when lights were dim and almost everyone was sleeping in the bus, the girl sitting next to me told that the guys sitting behind us are probably drinking as she could smell alcohol. After a few minutes, I felt there is a hand on my seat very close to my face. I slowly moved my head away from the hand. Then I could see that the hand is moving closer to me.

In a normal circumstance I would have chosen to make use of a safety pin or a blade or a nail cutter, but all these things were not accessible to me as it was stashed under my seat. I decided to speak up and I turned to him and asked “Whats your problem”. His reply was, he wants to take something from his bag which is under my seat and as I have pushed the seat back, he could not take it.

I pulled the seat up and asked him to take whatever he wanted fast. He said he is done and I pushed it back again. After a few minutes later, his hand was again on my seat. I could also feel a foot being pushed up through the gap of the seat and backrest. I decided he should not be left like that. I again asked him what he needed. This time his reply was that he cannot sit because my seat is reclining.

I told him that every other seat in the bus is reclining and I offered him that we can exchange seats with him so that we will be sitting behind them. He did not want to do that and was again trying to touch me.

I must point out that not a single person in the bus even opened their mouth or offered a help. I directly went to the bus attender and told that we are having trouble with these people and we would like to have the seats changed.

Thankfully, he was a good man. He came inside, and took this guy to the back of the bus. I have no idea what was the conversation they had. When he came back, the attender told me, you will have no more problems and if there is any trouble, just let him know.

After that the rest of the bus ride was peaceful and he did not attempt to trouble me.

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