Need of India: A gentleman of Behavior

Just as the Nazis taught girls to be good mothers and boys to be masculine; Indian society has got the barrier set for girls. It is not the beginning. This has been prevailing in the society since ages and is preserved in our roots. Why do we differentiate between a girl and a boy? Because we are aught to do so. This knowledge of differentiation is passed from one generation to another.
After doing a lot of researches and studies, the one solution to end this gender based inequality, is to set limitations for males as well. In every Indian family, girls are taught to respect their family, come home early and wear appropriate clothes. A six inch gap in a saree is acceptable but a one inch gap in jeans and top is termed as inappropriate. Why all the limitations and teachings for girls? If each boy is taught how to behave and respect girls from an early age, maybe the mindset changes and we are able to overcome the situation we are facing.
Telling girls to bring a change alone won’t work. Boys must also be a part of it. Workshops for grooming boys must start from early age. Parents can also pursue their children to follow a mannerism in front of girls.
In conclusion, I would like to say that just like government or non-government organization can knock out an enemy without the people’s army, similarly no girls party could knock down the gender inequality without teaching boys to behave well. After all we need well behaved GENTLEMEN not only the smart ones!
Article Contributed by : Ashu Budhwar, IX Class student of Ashiana Public School, Chandigarh

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