The IBMS team initiated the ‘#MyFirstIncident’ campaign in Chandigarh today as a part of the I Break My Silence project. We had a chance to interact with a number of women and young girls from the city and talk about the first time that they encountered sexual harassment or eve teasing.

The #MyFirstIncident campaign hopes to encourage women to talk about their stories and also collect informal data regarding the age at which girls start facing sexual harassment. During the on-ground campaign , we spoke to over 50 women about their early experiences and heard some heartbreaking stories. One young woman shared that she faced harassment when she was just eight years old. Others were anywhere from 9-18 years of age when they were harassed.
We hope to continue the campaign online and offline and encourage more survivors of sexual harassment to break their silence and share their stories with us. Change only begins when we start talking about the problem and understanding its true magnitude.

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