*Mehak, Gender – Female, Was a victim, Class – X


I don’t know what to say about the double standards of our society. I believe almost every girl is told in their families to behave in a certain way, in a certain manner and follow some protocol as it seems. But I wonder if boys are also told the same? Are they also taught at homes to behave in a certain way? To not to harass anyone? To not to rape anyone?

I doubt.

2-3 months ago, I was dropped by bus at the bus stop and I started walking towards my house. There was this guy who was staring at me but I kind of ignored him and kept walking. Meanwhile two boys came on activa and the guy who was staring at me also joined them and they went away.
For a second I was relieved but the next moment I was horrified. The boys on activa asked the one who was staring at me, “Now you’ll rape her?”

I was dead scared and started walking fast towards home. I could never imagine that comment coming from them and even now when I think of it, it haunts me as what if my house was far away from bus stop or what if they had caught me or what would have happened then.

I am not safe any where. I wish the boys were also taught by their parents to respect the girls.


*Name has been changed on request.

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      • One of the panelists told us that she retjeecd her first offer because she would be the first woman in that department, and she had suspected that they were interested not in her personally but jut in hiring a woman to improve their statistics.I can’t quite tell agreeing with me or disagreeing with me with this example, but I agree with you that this can be a disturbing trend, too, and can make it that much harder for math departments to hire women. I admit that I was thinking more in terms of female graduate students who might decide to leave mathematics to pursue other things because they were unhappy with not having a lot of other women in the department, though. I’ve heard several stories like this, and it’s easy to dismiss graduate students leaving as them just not being able to make it in the department, but if women *are* being scared off by things that have nothing to do with their ability level, and if a meeting like this can keep them from leaving, then I don’t see why it’s such a terrible thing to have such meetings.why should it be a mathematical meeting arranged in such a way that all speakers must be women? You could easily have a women’s issues panel at a “normal” meeting.Well, again, from other comments here, it sounds like there are plenty of fields of mathematics where a “normal” meeting would not have enough women for such a panel. You mentioned that this event has become traditional, at the beginning of each semester-long program. Maybe at some point, they tried to organize such a panel at a “normal” meeting, and realized that they couldn’t do it.Besides, now that I am thinking more about this, I don’t see why you think it’s such a horrible idea to have a meeting specifically highlighting women’s accomplishments in a field of mathematics, so that younger women who might otherwise have been scared off from a traditionally male-dominated field can see what women specifically have already accomplished. That sounds like it might be a useful thing – more useful in many ways than a “women’s issues” panel hidden within a meeting focused on something else.You seem to be thinking about this meeting in terms of affirmative action – like men are being discriminated against by not being allowed to be speakers at this meeting. (And women are being insulted by the implication that they are only being considered as speakers because they are women.) But if the *theme* of the meeting is women’s accomplishments in the field, why *shouldn’t* all the speakers be women? Do you want them to invite some men to speak about the accomplishments of women they know, when they could be inviting those women themselves?

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