Latha – Gender woman Was: a victim City: Bangalore


Gender woman

Was: a victim
City: Bangalore
Was wearing Sari/Half Sari
Reaction: Moved away silently

Incident was : One time

Perpetrator was a Neighbour and aged 20-30

Everyone shared their experiences in which the man / woman had been helpless victims. What about relationship or friendship as adults we enter into with a wrong person which ends up in a mishap. These are relationships we encourage or knowingly enter into . Forgive my english .
First of all I would like to state my own case . I grew up in a joint family with my cousin brothers and neighbours . Our neighbour had one daughter of my age and a son of my younger cousin brother ‘s age. We grew up together playing in the streets . After my marriage , my husband left abroad and I came to live with my parents for nearly two years. I had given birth to my daughter by then. My neighbour ‘s daughter was also married , settled abroad and was expecting her first child. Hence her mom left abroad to attend her . Her son was in the final year medicine . He use to call me sister as I was much elder to him. Since we were neighbours from childhood he use to visit my house often and play with my daughter. After his mom left abroad he had faced some problems in his college which he use to share with me. I regarded him like my brother and offer him food whenever he comes to my place., since his mother was abroad .after a few weeks I noticed difference in his behaviour ,

in the way he spoke and looked at me. One day when he came home I was sleeping in the living room in sofa when I felt that he had pressed my chest . I woke up with a jerk luckily my mom came out of the kitchen and he moved away. She didn’t notice or suspect as he is like my cousin brother . I didn’t tell anyone but till this day I feel I should have seen it coming . He became very emotionally dependent on me for the few months, but I didn’t suspect anything wrong since he was much younger to me, medical professional who had chance of meeting girls of his age . I am in my forties today but I m still doubtful of boys educated or not .images

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