Kalyani – Gender woman Was: a victim City: On the road/Bangalore


Gender woman

Was: a victim
City: On the road/Bangalore
Was wearing Chudithar/Salwar Kameez with dupatta
Reaction: Helpless, Passively Endured

Incident was : One time

Perpetrator was a Stranger and aged 40-50486156_302985893141024_777130491_n

Hello everyone..

First of all I wish to say that this really is a good initiative and I’m very happy to be a part of it. Before I started writing this, apparently I had to choose how and in what sort of way was I victimized, and the worst part was I did not know which of the options to choose from. This is because almost all of the options are applicable to me. I had to immediately brush away the thoughts that followed this hesitation and here I’m ready to share one such incident.

I was just going out somewhere with a friend, walking on the sidewalk of a very crowded road. My friend was walking in front of me and a special mention on the wardrobe, we were both wearing salwar kameez with duppatta, in other words neatly dressed just the way few people want a girl to be dressed. And also we were not talking or laughing or attracting any sort of attention. We just quietly walked on the side of the road, keeping as much distance as possible from the incoming predators with their piercing and exasperating stare. Suddenly there was too many men in front of us and one of those morons(some elderly one, worst part) conveniently placed his hands to his sides and as he passed us, brushed it on our legs, first on my friend followed by me.

At this point, I cannot even begin to describe the amount of hatred and anger that filled in my heart. I just turned and gave him a dirty look and moved away. He put on a face as if nothing happened which was much more irritating. This is a very convenient strategy used by so many assholes. My friend and I just went on as fast as we could from that place. We both could not control our anger and just started ditching him with the worst words we know. This was obviously a temporary relief and it did not make me feel any better. There were so many thoughts running in my mind, I felt so sad that I did not just slap him across his ugly, stupid face. Since that moment, I have been very careful when I walk on the roads, keeping a very safe distance from anyone I suspect and have also been building up courage in me to look into such(I seriously can’t think of a bad word now) stupid creatures’

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eye and just slap them.. slap them so hard that my hand hurts. But at least I will be happy.

In the middle of such thoughts, I happen to come across a totally different point of view. When I sat down and thought about why these idiots do what they do, the answer I got was because they do not respect or value themselves. The only way they can feel better(or that is what they think) is to hurt or molest others and feel superior. Especially in the case of men, the only way they have power over women is the physical form. This applies more to free thinking and independent women to whom insecure men subject such behaviour. Women often are pushed to believe that it was their fault that they are put through such non sense(I used to believe it too), but the truth is that it is not and it never is. One should be very careful to curb this thought because they tend to eat you up.

The ultimate fact is that, in this universe, we are all one, men, women, Hindu,, Muslim, Indian, American etc., there is the same spirit inside of all of us. These are just physical forms that we are presented in and it was our arrangement(or some male chauvinistic one) that differentiated men from women. From therein, there has been this kind of an odd treatment towards us women, in India especially, it is the worst. When we think from this point of view, when a guy dashes against you or tries to grope just to show his dominance or for perversion, it seems to be merely pathetic to me. As women, you and I do not need this kind of a barbaric satisfaction to feel better. Our powerful inner strength, the spiritual strength gets us through any situation. As I have always believed, I will always remain the same invaluable person while on the other hand the low life that is trying such acts will remain so all his life.(By this I mean only those men who have crossed my path and who are without any doubt perverts of the first order) Trying to apparently damage a women’s dignity by doing such unethical things will not put us nor our spirit down. Next time you go through or witness any such incident, just look them in the eye fearlessly, slap them and walk away with your held high. That is exactly what I’m raring to do.

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