*Isha, Class – XI, Gender – Female


Who would no like to cherish the childhood days and the buddies with whom we all spent our golden period of life. Just like that I too have a friend with whom I have grown up playing hide & seek since childhood. Though he is younger to me yet we share a special bond where we understand each other.

Well that’s what I thought but all this came to an end when I went to his place one day for our regular chit chat. Everyone else at home were sleeping. Out of all the talks he started some non-veg conversation to which I was little uncomfortable. Then the very next moment he forcefully hugged me and tried to kiss me.

I slapped him and told to his mother about the incident. All I want to share is that my whole idea of friendship and trust got shattered in a minute. I don’t know whether I will be able to trust someone again but definitely whenever I will anyone in such a situation I won;t even think twice to teach the person a lesson.

I urge everyone to not to be silent for anything that happens to you. You are not at fault then why to fear. I have broken my silence, it’s time to break yours!


*Name has been changed on request.

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