“I Suffered From Molestation in a Crowd and NO ONE Noticed!”


It was almost 8 in evening. I was walking through a deserted street with brisk motion, cursing myself for the habit of being late and the inability to say no.

“You could have told your friends that you need to be home before 6.30. They know that you have to pass through this infamous street alone and this time is not appropriate. Or you could have at least asked one of them to drop you off. They are your friends after all!” my parents always scolded.

The cursing would have gone on and on but then one day it happened.

A traumatic incident which still scares me to an extent that I don’t prefer to go anywhere, alone. A biker zoomed in from nowhere and seized me by my waist, forcefully touching me and then sped away. It all happened within few seconds and I stood right there shocked and baffled about what just happened. Few moments passed, anger invoked, tears started rolling down my eyes and there I was, alone in dark, crying to myself.

The famous actress was coming to my town for some promotion. Of course I wanted to be there. You don’t get to see such celebrities every day. I came back from school, put on my best dress and got ready so fancily as if the actress had invited me personally and I was going to be on stage. I didn’t even care for lunch as I wanted to be there as soon as I can. I was with some friends. We finally found a place to sit after making our way through hundreds of people that had gathered there.

Then, I saw him.

He was at some distance and I caught him staring at me. At first, I ignored him but then I caught his eye on me a few times. He looked like one of those goons we see in the movies. I was scared and changed my place. Soon, the event came to an end and everyone started hustling to get to the actress for an autograph or just to get a closer view. We decided to leave from other gate and started to find a way through the enormous fan crowd. Right then, a hand grabbed me from behind and I felt someone touching me everywhere. It was him. AGAIN. I tried to escape but I couldn’t. It happened among so many people during the day but nobody noticed. Somehow I managed to escape and ran straight home while crying helplessly.

I think all women must have faced this at least once. The miscreants of society teasing us for pleasure.

Most of us do not tell anyone about it and keep it to ourselves thinking it is not something to be discussed about. Well, it has to be discussed. If we don’t speak for ourselves, it gives open permission to these anti socials to behave as they want and these type of incidents will never stop happening.

We need to take strict actions against them to stop them from behaving like women are their personal property and they can touch them without their consent whenever they want. Such incidents of teasing and molestation might leave us shocked but we need to act quickly. If not anything else, at least we should be ready to protect yourselves in any situation like this by keeping some self defense moves ready. It is in our hands to stop them and with right approach, we can.


This article was previously published on OoWomaniya.

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