I Break My Silence – Workshop with Ashiana School


Global shapers from Chandigarh hub conducted a workshop with students of Ashiana School on as a part of their project I Break My Silence. It was an intense session rooted in sharing stories around gender based violence.

It started with a warm up, where the students were asked to recall their farthest memories and think of times when they’d felt weak or unsafe. The students were asked to jot down these memories on paper and share the stories in their circle of trust. By the time the workshop ended, students were brimming with enthusiasm to work for the cause of IBMS. Few of them even asked if they could volunteer. One of them requested if she could write for us.

We are all cognizant of Gender Based Violence. But are we empathetic? Are we mindful of the fact that is it us who can bring the change. It is us who have to break the silence? By this session, we wanted the students to empathize. We hoped they would break their silence. And many of them did.

Here is one story they shared:

“Once my family and I went to a showroom to purchase a new car for the family. We were in Mohali. Everything was quite well till the time my mom and dad were with me. As they both moved out for a test drive, a salesperson sat besides me and started talking to me. I felt a little uncomfortable. As my mom and dad came in he moved away.

After a while when we made the deal final and I noticed he was just looking at me..that was weird. Then the happy us were clicking pictures with our new car and was leaving from there, he blinked his eye on me and gave a very dirty and vulgar reaction.

I got really scared at that time and I didn’t know what to do. That was the most unforgettable and weird moment of my life. I have not shared that with anyone and speaking about it today makes me feel light.”

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