*Gauri, Gender – Female, Was a Victim


My father and mother were working and they used to drop me at our neighbor’s home whom they trusted. I was in UKG then and one fine day I was changing my clothes and a big boy who was 22 years old pulled me towards him. I did not know what was happening.

That happened for many days and I used to shout, yell at the loudest but nobody came. I told about that to my parents and then they went to his home but he simply refused and I was left unheard again. I could only cry as how he could refuse it.

I felt so helpless that my parents also believed him and did not care about what I said and instead of taking any action against him, they simply let him go.

I wish parents teach their children about good and bad touch and when a child reports about such things then there is no chance that he/she is lying. Children are too sensitive to cook up these stories. One such incident could be life time traumatizing for your children.


*Name has been changed on request.

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