*Garima, Class – X, Gender – Female


I must be around 10 years as I remember when I had gone for a family function with my parents. It was very much fun there. The good food and playing with the cousins. I liked it all but it was the time when my father said we are leaving and it reminded me of that I have forgotten something there.

I was just about to go and collect my stuff when an uncle came to me suddenly and he hugged me & kissed me and also said that he missed me too much. I was taken aback because the way he was truing to feel me up was uncomfortable.

But I thought I should ignore it. Then after a day or two he came to our home when nobody was there except me. He came inside & said let’s go to your room as he wanted to talk about something. I told him I don’t want to & said him to come when mom is home. He tried to force me but then I somehow managed to push him out of the house & locked it from inside. I did not open till the time mom came back.

I did not tell to my mother about it & stayed quiet because of fear and shame. I didn’t know what to say as he was our relative and how she would react.

But I am happy I could save myself from the known yet unknown danger.

*Name has been changed on request.

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  • Hey Garima,

    I appreciate that you had taken preventive measures to keep the relative very far from you. But I think you should communicate to your parents as this time you could escape from him but this can’t be possible every time. Please don’t think that he is your relative and you can’t talk to your parents, its right time to talk to your parents.

    You are lucky that you are saved, but every time your silence with parents won’t work. You have to describe them what had happened and make sure that the relative don’t repeat with you the same thing or with any other your cousins. As it might be possible that he is creating hell life for other cousins of yours.

    Your one move of telling to your parents can save you as well as others who might be a victim of him.

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