Bijila – Gender woman Was: a victim City: Uncle’s house/ Dubai


Gender woman

Was: a victim
City: Uncle’s house/ Dubai
Was wearing Long Skirt and top
Reaction: Moved away silently

Incident was : One time

Perpetrator was a Stranger and aged 40-50

I have never really talked about this incident much because it was always something which I wanted to forget. But I guess the Delhi victim’s case has affected me a lot…I don’t want any girl, or boy for that matter, to face hell like she did.

I was 10 or maybe 11…I don’t really remember what I was wearing exactly, most probably a long skirt and top, but I guess it is irrelevant here anyways. I was staying over at one of my uncle’s place where I always spent a few days whenever I had holidays. My uncle, aunt, my cousins and me were watching a movie. They had a painter working in their bedroom repainting the walls. I had seen the movie before and hence soon got bored. I have always enjoyed watching people at work, be it carpenters, painters etc….love to watch them transform things into beauty. That day was no different. I quietly slipped off to the bedroom to watch that ‘painter uncle’ work. I watched him for sometime and we talked I guess a bit while he was working. After sometime he came over to where I was standing, and told me that he had a daughter just like me and that he missed her. Saying this he lightly touched my cheek and a moment later, my back. I instantly knew that something was wrong and left the bedroom quickly and slipped back silently to the hall. I didn’t tell my aunt anything because I was mortified and also because I was scared that I might be told off. However, a few days later, I did mention this incident to my mom while she was getting me ready for school. I remember trying to be very casual while saying it but I was sure Amma could hear the thinly veiled pain in my voice. I could also hear the fear in her voice when she asked me if he did or say anything else to me. The relief in her voice after hearing my negative answer was evident, even to my young mind. She asked me to tell her without any delay about any such instances in the future and obviously never to go off wandering alone. Even though this incident was never again mentioned in my presence, I did overhear my mom talking to my aunt over the phone, asking about the painter’s details but they couldn’t locate him.

This was my first instance of being a victim. There have been many more especially during  the period when I did my degree in India…most happened whilst travelling. Sadly, I never reacted angrily in the first couple, but later, after talking to my friends I realized that even angry glares helped to stop this humiliating experience.

I want India to be safe for women. I have spent most of my life outside India..the few years I have spent there had been great but have been scarred by instances like this…I want to turn my dream of a safe India into reality..and would be even more happier if I saw it happen in my lifetime…..

In memory of Jyoti, in memory of the cruelty she was subjected to, in memory of the life she might have had….let us join together to start the end of this social evil…..let’s stand united against sexual abuse…..let’s react…let’s break the silence…finally!



Share your experience with us and the world! You will be helping others who went through something similar; and you will show the world what it really feels like! We will knock some sense into people, one person at a time.

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