Bandanjot Singh – Gender man Was: a witness City: New Delhi Perpetrator


Gender man

Was: a witness
City: New Delhi
Perpetrator was a Stranger

Incident was : One time

Reaction : Helpless/Passively endured
Was wearing Jeans and Shirt

Living in various parts of India , I have had experiences beyond measure, especially in New Delhi. I have been a witness to scenes of disrespect towards women in ways ranging from: little comments being passed on to a girl walking by or a group of men continuously ogling at a woman, to : Sexual Assault cases reported everyday when I open the morning Newspaper. One such incident was when a group of men started teasing a girl who just came out of a metro station and sat in auto while it stopped at the red lights near Malviya Nagar Metro Station and continued chasing her in broad daylight.

It took me couple of years to truly realize, that it wasn’t anyone to blame. Neither the police was to blame , nor the politicians UNTIL my consciousness was not guilt free inside. All these years doing nothing about it and reading about it everywhere, hearing it from my female friends and relatives, I always felt that someone someday will do something about it , and that’s where I was wrong. In fact the greatest threat to Women Safety is the belief that Someone else will help the cause. It has to start from within self. And someday if I feel that I have contributed even a little through my humble efforts, I would like to help someone else feel the same happiness. But to do this and make a difference, we all have to speak out . We all need to put forward our voices about what we’ve seen and what do we care for.

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