Awareness Workshop with School


The IBMS team conducted a number of sessions with school kids of classes 11th and 12th to spread awareness around sexual harassment and encourage the children to break their silence and speak up.

We started with a game to break the ice, followed by a discussion on what is sexual harassment, why does it happen and most importantly how does the victim feel. We then asked the children what they can do to make it stop and what the correct responses would be. The children were also told about bystander intervention and self defense.

The children were initially reluctant to share but after a while they opened up once we shared a story from our end. The stories the children shared were mostly related eve teasing—stories which are appallingly frequent these days, even accepted as commonplace in some towns. They were particularly vocal about why they think this happens and how we should respond to it.

We believe in the need for a mass movement around breaking the silence in the face of atrocities simply because of social stigmas – both for victims and bystanders. People need to introspect and examine the smart ways in which they can be a part of the solution – In particular the children and youth.

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