Arthy – Gender Female Was a : victim City : Chennai/House


Gender Female

Was a : victim

City : Chennai/House

Was wearing school uniform

Reaction : Passively endured

Incident was : Recurring

Perpetrator was a Relative and aged more than 50

Experience :

I was in class 4, I used to often stay at my aunt’s place (My father’s sister) as my parents were working. My aunt was a lovely lady, very loving, like a mother. She had no idea. My uncle used to play cartoons on the tv, make me lie down with him, put a blanket over us, and he would then put his hands inside my dress and finger me. I was very uncomfortable, I knew something was miserably wrong, but I had no idea what to do. It was deeply shameful, and as a child I was just confused. This happened probably 2-3 times. My aunt would come around asking if we need anything to eat etc, and he would kind of hurriedly shoo her away saying we’re fine, and that he is telling me a bedtime story or something like that. After that we moved our house so I was spared the ordeal of staying with them. When this happened, my aunt and uncle already had grandchildren, my uncle must have been 50-55 atleast..

I slowly shared it with my cousin a year later, and she said she underwent the same with him. We both were 10 years old then, we then created a diary, where we would draw pictures of him and then stab him with a knife, scribble ‘bad words’ over him or something like that or something to that effect.. I don’t remember clearly..

Several years later, my aunt passed away. I was in college then, my uncle’s drinking habits worsened, and I found him lying on the street one day,I had half a mind to leave him there , but then somehow, I quickly hailed an auto and dropped him back home. That day I came home and told my mother what had happened several years earlier, she was shocked and speechless. My little brother who overheard us talking, then walked into the room and confided in her too, that when he was 6 years old, that uncle had stripped in front of my brother and tried to force my brother to touch and feel him. My brother did it once or twice, was repulsed and ran out of the room, but had never mentioned it to anyone till date…

So that is 3 of us, as far as I know, who were abused by the uncle, if only I had spoken up, maybe I could have spared the other two from this ordeal? Or maybe I could have ruined my aunt’s life? I’m not sure.. He was the only breadwinner, and my aunt wasn’t working..Very recently I told his daughter-in- law about this, she wasn’t shocked at all, and she said she caught him trying to peek

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into their bedroom after their marriage. She said she knew her father-in-law was a pervert, but she has no other choice other than to support him in his old age.



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