Arnab Ghosh – Gender woman Was: a victim City: House/Bangalore



Gender: man

Was: a witness
City: Bangalore
Perpetrator was a Stranger

Victim was Helpless, Passively Endured

Incident was : One time
Victim was wearing Jeans and Shirt

I did not witness this personally but a very close friend of mine experienced it and narrated it to me. I could imagine the insolent act and feel the anger inside me. I do not know how would I have reacted if I witnessed that with my own eyes.

She was from a remote part of India, silent and serene, and perhaps a place where indecency against women is not a common occurrence. She used to travel by bus everyday from home to work and back. One evening when she returned home, she called me and started sobbing. I was worried. The effect of the incidence on her was worse than usual because it was her first such experience, and you and your close ones never forget such things. When I asked more she told me in details about it. A man who was in his 20s, groped her front and back repeatedly in the bus. She was silent, scared. She changed her position in the bus but the man followed. She was even scared to get down from the bus. What if the man followed her? Luckily she got a place to sit and luckily the seat beside her was not empty. Though she was silent, her inside was screaming which I could feel as I heard her story. I felt so helpless. I started placing myself in that situation and what would I have done to prevent it. To think of it, my anger would not have allowed me to stay silent or calm.

This was the first of its kind of incident that had happened to someone very close to me and it did affect me. I accepted the fact the situation of women in our society is worse than what I think. Thereafter I have heard and witnessed many such inhuman behavior across many cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. This is the most terrible social stigma against women, probably more than Sati Pratha, because the women face this disgrace almost everyday and a little part of them dies, and it becomes so common that may be actually dying will not be very difficult. But this is wrong and the wrong way of thinking about it, and the women in our country – all of them should speak up and start a revolution. The few good men can only think about making a society safer, making better laws, providing intellectual support etc. but without the support of the victims themselves, we won’t be able to accomplish much. Break the silence!


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