*Amina, Gender – Female, Child Abuse Survivor


I am writing a piece from a very dark and deep side of my heart. Please empathise, from my 9 to 13 years of age I’ve been facing sexual harassment, many go through sexual abuse from random people here is mine case I faced it from my van driver..purposely he will drop me last and make me sit on the front seat and try to grab my chest. I didn’t even reach puberty..Then it used to happen at my very own house we were a joint family from my uncle (father’s brother ). He would unconsciously touch my bosom and react as if nothing happened. Then again from one of our building mates inside the lift. This one is the most disturbing and the most difficult one, forcibly pulled me inside the lift and kissed me and very grossly tried to insert his finger in my privates. These happened years ago, but still some of these memories haunt me and make feel so vulnerable. Because I was very young that time and these incidents totally ruined my childhood. I have told about my uncle to my mother once. She heard it with tears flowing. My father didn’t show much reaction but was very confused.

I always wonder why I wasn’t able to do anything to it. At least I hoped my father should have questioned my uncle once at least for this. My uncle moved out to another house quiet sometime after that, but my father has always been inclined towards his brothers. In fact my parents still stay in a joint family with my other uncle. I hate the joint family system for the very same reason.

Years passed by and I married the love of my life. Thankfully God blessed me with a very wonderful man in my life. He has been my rock forever…We have beautiful children and I take so much care that none of these incidents occur to any of them.
Mothers please take care of your children wisely. These incidents still victimise me. I feel depressed whenever I think about these no matter how much… Sexual abuse is not a matter to be taken lightly, protect your children. It’s beyond the good and bad touch. Ask them to speak and stand for themselves. If you have heard them complain please make sure to seek a justice. The effects are ever lasting and something that you cannot let go by being happy. One gloomy day everything comes back in front of my eyes, feel so bad that I wasn’t able to do something for myself. Now at least I’m hoping this message would benefit some of you.


*Name has been changed on request.

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